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What’s the last thing you wrote? What’s the first thing you wrote that you still have?

The last thing I wrote, apart from Tweets and the like, is the epilogue of the first draft of my first novel.

The first thing I wrote (I was 11) that I still have is an awful, cliched, cheesy, Trollz rip-off story that I never finished. I called it Sapphire and the PMG's. Go ahead. Laugh. I'm very ashamed of it, but I can see that even then I had a little bit of talent. I only got serious about writing two years after that.

Write poetry?

A week ago, I think. I wrote it differently than my other poems -- I just thought about a scene from a movie and then let my fingers do the writing. I, for the first time ever, had absolutely NO control over it. Maybe I'll post it here, so you can see what the result was. (Result=very strange...)

Angsty poetry?

A year ago, I think.

Favorite genre of writing?

Urban fantasy.

Most annoying character you’ve ever created?

Hmm... I don't know, I've created a lot of characters, in stories that never got finished, but annoying? I never wrote enough of those stories to get annoyed, but maybe Rosalie. Her unfinished story -- called *cringe* Unwanted Vampirism, which, yes, was about vampires -- sucked. In a bad way.

Best plot you’ve ever created?

I've never had much luck with plot, I usually write character-driven novels. I'd have to say the one I'm plotting right now, or the one I'm going to plot when I have the time.

Coolest plot twist you’ve ever created?

Not having a certain charater do something. I was writing a letter he sends to the main character, and when I finished, I realized something and said, out loud: "He doesn't do it!"

How often do you get writer’s block?

Not very often, and most of the time, when I can't write, it's because I'm being lazy/procrastinating/distracting myself/etc. NaNoWriMo taught me to power through. Write "something happens" or "they talk and go to shop" instead of a scene, and most of the time, once I've written that, I find that I can write the thing that happens, or the talk.

It's like by writing that, I free myself. And then I can write again. I highly recommend this.

Write fan fiction?

Um, quite some time ago. I'd say 6+ months ago. Maybe even a year ago.

Do you type or write by hand?

I always type the actual story, but I plot or figure out problems in my story by hand.

Do you save everything you write?

Yes. I'm too lazy to sort through old stories and throw them away.

Do you ever go back to an idea after you’ve abandoned it?

Generally, no, but I have this one story I started that I realized has some potential. So I will be going back to that one.

What’s your favorite thing you’ve written?

As of now, I'm really proud of three poems, one half-started novel, one complete but unedited novel and two prospective novels that I have yet to write.

What’s everyone else’s favourite story that you’ve written?

Well, people on Fiction Press seem to like A Blanket Unwoven, but now I know that it's absolute crap.

Ever written romance or angsty teen drama?

Well duh! Not that I'm proud of it now.

What’s your favorite setting for your characters?

A small, non-descript town, usually with a forest. (Seriously -- there's a forest in every one of stories.)

How many writing projects are you working on right now?

My upcoming projects are as such

-Plot/Research/Write "Playing with Darts"

-Edit "Kenna's Choice"

-Plot/Research "A Tale of Two Sisters"

-Write script of "An Unexpected Blood Relative"

-Edit "Playing with Darts"

-Write "A Tale of Two Sisters"

-Shoot short movie "An Unexpected Blood Relative

More of less in that order.

Have you ever won an award for your writing?


What are your five favorite words?

I don't really have any favorites, but I'm sure I've come across a word and thought "Wow! I love that word!" but I can't remember those words.

What character have you created that is most like yourself

All characters I've created are at least a bit like myself, but I'd say Kenna, from "Kenna's Choice" is most like me, except I've got a better relationship with my parents and siblings.

Where do you get ideas for your characters?

I don't. I just get an idea for a story, usually a first sentence, start writing and the characters are created as I write.

Do you ever write based on your dreams?

No. Possibly because my dreams are too strange to be turned into novels. By strange, I mean strange. Seriously.

Do you favor happy endings, sad endings or cliff-hangers?

I love sad endings, but the best are bittersweet ones. Sad-ish but there's hope, there's a little happiness in there. Happy endings can be good too, but too mushy and I don't like it. (Breaking Dawn anyone? I mean come on-- You know what, I won't even go there.)

Are you concerned with spelling and grammar as you write?

Very. Unless I'm in a big hurry, like 11.30 pm, 30th of November, NaNoWrimo, I always use backspace to correct myself.

Does music help you write?

I can't write without it.

Quote something you’ve written. Whatever pops into your head.

I don't know anything by heart, so I looked for something:

It’s snowing now, flakes of ice melting on your grave, giving a heavenly glow to the grass and the cemetery.


I finished writing the first draft of my first “official” novel in seven months: 3rd May-3rd December. I say “official” because I’ve written two others that were too short to be called novels but when I wrote them I thought of them as novels.
If by May 3rd 2010, I’ve finished editing/revising/rewriting it, then it would have taken an entire year from start to finish. Pretty good, I think, for someone who, by then (May 3rd) will be 16.
Word count: 50 956.

An exhilarating feeling

38 158 words, baby! Oh yeah. I might still reach my weekend goal of 40 000. If I don't procrastinate or distract myself. See my twitter (on the right side of this page EDIT: only for my wordpress blog.) for quick updates on how it's going. And now for a little excerpt:

That night, after dinner, Liam and I go up to the roof with blankets, cushions, and our cameras to watch the sunset. Facing the backyard, I admire the sky. “It’s so beautiful,” I say, taking yet another picture, knowing the picture will never compare to the real thing.

The sky is alight and the burning sun sinks behind red-, yellow- and brown-leafed trees, leaving behind streaks of purple like a pale iris and soft baby blue. These colors, I know, will turn to deep blue-black that will cover the entire sky. Only stars, pin prick dots of light, will pierce through the vast emptiness.

An interesting exercise

I just wrote a poem. I didn't think about what I was writing, just let my fingers write what my subconscious wanted to. Here's the result:

Head pounding, she runs
Down the hall in a red
Dress, the girl of the apocalypse
Wishes to keep living
How can she keep
Up. Run
Run till you can’t
No more. Come on
Don’t let them catch
You, not when
You’ve come so
Far. Such effort
Such sacrifice.
The girl in red
Realizes all the can
Do is jump.
They won’t get her brain.
By dying, she wins.

It's okay if you don't get it, because even I don't. But it's an interesting exercise. Try it and post the result on your blog. (And leave a link to it in the comments here.)

Blocus: Day Two

This time, the school opened the gates at 4 am so students couldn't chain them together. When I got there at quarter to eight, I saw small dumpsters and people standing/sitting on them, etc. Unfortunately, they weren't as organized as yesterday. Anyway, even though I could have easily gone to class, my friends and I decided to participate.

This means that an hour or so later, we went looking for more dumpsters. Why? The teachers and students had a tug of war over the dumpsters and the teachers won. Also, the principle shook one of the dumpsters that a friend of mine was sitting on. She almost went flying off.

Around town, we found 6 dumpsters that we ended up pushing/pulling around until we got back to our school. And yes, people who saw us and didn't know anything had this kind of face: o.O or O.O or *disapproving face*

By 10 o'clock, we got what wanted. We won.

See, the blocus/protest was against a reform that would make our French school system even more confusing, could make more students fail, could make us pay to go to a public school, could control us for weapons... They're already trying to make sheep out of us, and are already employing fear as a way to get us to do what they want us to do, but this reform would make all of this even worse.

I'm not 100% certain about all this, I haven't read any article about the reform. I only know this from speeches that the leader of the protest gave. (He had a megaphone this time.)

What they wanted was a reunion with the "rectorat" to talk about all this. Now guess how they won in the end?

Well, it's something that doesn't surprise me: it's so typical of my dad. He showed up sometime before 10, heard the leader's speech, talked to him the other students and the school principle. Principle walked away, my dad then gave the leader advice on how to obtain a reunion. (I was embarrassed/proud. The proud part only really came later, when I asked my dad what he'd told them. At the time I was just "Ugh, typical...")

I don't have anything more to add, although there are rumors of another blocus tomorrow. How knows?