Kayleigh (clumsybella15) wrote,

Blocus: Day Two

This time, the school opened the gates at 4 am so students couldn't chain them together. When I got there at quarter to eight, I saw small dumpsters and people standing/sitting on them, etc. Unfortunately, they weren't as organized as yesterday. Anyway, even though I could have easily gone to class, my friends and I decided to participate.

This means that an hour or so later, we went looking for more dumpsters. Why? The teachers and students had a tug of war over the dumpsters and the teachers won. Also, the principle shook one of the dumpsters that a friend of mine was sitting on. She almost went flying off.

Around town, we found 6 dumpsters that we ended up pushing/pulling around until we got back to our school. And yes, people who saw us and didn't know anything had this kind of face: o.O or O.O or *disapproving face*

By 10 o'clock, we got what wanted. We won.

See, the blocus/protest was against a reform that would make our French school system even more confusing, could make more students fail, could make us pay to go to a public school, could control us for weapons... They're already trying to make sheep out of us, and are already employing fear as a way to get us to do what they want us to do, but this reform would make all of this even worse.

I'm not 100% certain about all this, I haven't read any article about the reform. I only know this from speeches that the leader of the protest gave. (He had a megaphone this time.)

What they wanted was a reunion with the "rectorat" to talk about all this. Now guess how they won in the end?

Well, it's something that doesn't surprise me: it's so typical of my dad. He showed up sometime before 10, heard the leader's speech, talked to him the other students and the school principle. Principle walked away, my dad then gave the leader advice on how to obtain a reunion. (I was embarrassed/proud. The proud part only really came later, when I asked my dad what he'd told them. At the time I was just "Ugh, typical...")

I don't have anything more to add, although there are rumors of another blocus tomorrow. How knows?
Tags: blocus, france, french school, manifestation, protest, school

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