Kayleigh (clumsybella15) wrote,

An exhilarating feeling

38 158 words, baby! Oh yeah. I might still reach my weekend goal of 40 000. If I don't procrastinate or distract myself. See my twitter (on the right side of this page EDIT: only for my wordpress blog.) for quick updates on how it's going. And now for a little excerpt:

That night, after dinner, Liam and I go up to the roof with blankets, cushions, and our cameras to watch the sunset. Facing the backyard, I admire the sky. “It’s so beautiful,” I say, taking yet another picture, knowing the picture will never compare to the real thing.

The sky is alight and the burning sun sinks behind red-, yellow- and brown-leafed trees, leaving behind streaks of purple like a pale iris and soft baby blue. These colors, I know, will turn to deep blue-black that will cover the entire sky. Only stars, pin prick dots of light, will pierce through the vast emptiness.

Tags: goal, novel excerpt, word count

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