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A teenage writer's journal about life, school, and writing

A 50 000-word-novel: can she do it?

My name's Kayleigh and I talk way too much.
I love reading and writing. Writing is my life, my drug: NOT just a "hobby."
I love vampires (NOT Twilight! Vampire Academy, yes), werewolves (Blood and Chocolate), werecats (Rachel Vincent's Shifter series) and anything else that's supernatural.
I've loved reading since I was eight (as far as I can remember) and writing since I was ten, kind of... It wasn't until December 2007 that I became serious about writing.
Since then I've started, but haven't finished, many stories. Hopefully I'll be able to finish my stories by learning from my mistakes. Update: I have finished all my short stories, but only two of my "novels", that were really novellas because they were both under 45 000 words, the maximum for a novella.
I used to be a major TV addict. Now I only watch DVDs, and only when my sister begs me.
I love Irish accents, such as Cillian Murphy's in the short movie Watchmen (2001, on youtube). The problem is he changes his accent for different movies... :( I need to find some where he has his original, gorgeous-to-listen-to Irish accent.